An all-in-one solution that helps increase patient comfort([FOOTNOTE=Dinesen T, McDonald L, McDonald S. A comparison of the oxyarm oxygen delivery device and standard nasal cannulae in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients. Resp Care. 2003; 48 (2): 120-123.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) during procedural sedation.

The open mask system OxyMask™* EtCO2 with Microstream™ connector is engineered to deliver a wide range of O2 levels and help keep patients safe. Provides access to patients' airways during upper endoscopy and bronchoscopy procedures. Simply increase or decrease oxygen meter flow from 1 liter per minute (Ipm) up to flush (>15 Ipm) to deliver 24-65 percent FiO2 to help maintain the desired SpO2 measurement.

Exhaled carbon dioxide escapes through the mask openings and is sampled through the integrated diffuser cup.

The diffuser cup is attached to a FilterLine™ sampling line. It can connect to any Microstream™ capnography or Microstream™ technology-enabled monitor for CO2 readings.

Patient Safety
Proper Fit

Get the right fit with three mask sizes

innovative measurement technology

Count on accuracy and efficiency with Microstream™ capnography solutions


OxyMask™* EtCO2 with Microstream™ connector offers:

  • Easy integration with existing technology for oxygenation and ventilation management
  • Nasal and oral CO2 sampling
  • Access for upper endoscopy and bronchoscopy procedures
  • Fluid and oral medication delivery without removing the mask
  • Flexible oxygen titration from 1 to 15 Ipm with 24 to 65 percent FiO2 while monitoring expired CO2
  • Three available mask sizes to accomodate virtually all patients
Microstream™ technology offers:
  • Reduces nuisance alarms using smart alarm management([FOOTNOTE=HockmanS, GlembotT, NiebelK. Comparison of capnography derived respiratory rate alarm frequency using the SARA algorithm versus an established non-adaptiverespiratory rate alarm management algorithm in bariatric surgical patients. RespCare. 2009 Open Forum Abstract. December 2009.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Offers real-time indication of oxygen and ventilation changes
  • Tracks apnea events, CO2, SpO2, pulse rate and respiration rate
Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
OM-2125-MDT OxyMask™* EtCO2 with Microstream™ connector (adult size) Box 25
OP-2125-MDT OxyPlus™* EtCO2 with Microstream™ connector (25 percent larger than adult size) Box 25
OK-2125-MDT OxyKid™* EtCO2 with Microstream™ connector (33-70 lbs, 15-32 kgs) Box 25
Flow Rates
Oxygen Flow Setting (Ipm) Approximate O2 concentrations (% FiO2)
1 24-25
2 27-32
4 34-40
6 42-48
8 49-55
10 53-58
12-15 59-65

Order Information

  • *OxyMask™ is distributed by Medtronic. Manufactured by Southmedic.