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Uniquely designed for precision and control

Whatever your surgical speciality is (gynaecological, general, thoracic and urology), our bladed trocars will meet your needs.1  

The uniquely designed blades, sharpened on both sides, divide tissue cleanly and precisely, helping you create and maintain port entry in a variety of endoscopic procedures.1 

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Efficacy, simplicity, flexibility

The VersaOne™ bladed trocar has:

  • A safety lock to inform user when blade is shielded or exposed 
  • A blade sharpened on both sides to divide tissue cleanly and precisely with control upon insertion through the abdominal wall 
  • A dolphin-nose parabolic shield that retracts over the blade once through the peritoneum for safety 
  • An ergonomic low-profile obturator, providing control and flexibility during insertion  
  • A variety of configurations, making it flexible for different patients and procedures1

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