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Access without the excess

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with hospitals, we know it can be hard to provide quality services with a tight budget. We create innovative products to simplify your workflow and make your procedures more time- and cost-efficient. 

Introducing the VersaOne™ access system – an easy-to-use, universal trocar platform that gives you the performance, choice, peace of mind and consistency that you asked for, all in one simple solution. 

Efficiency and flexibility 

The VersaOne™ access system gives you:  

  • Enhanced product performance1 
  • A simplified product line  
  • Greater flexibility for procedural needs 
  • Consistency through a standardised platform 
  • Increased efficiencies for cost control and inventory management

Discover the One Complete Solution

The VersaOne™ trocar platform features a universal cannula designed to fit with all obturators, giving surgeons flexibility based on the patient and procedure.

The VersaOne™ trocar family includes: 

  • Optical trocars 
  • Bladeless trocars 
  • Bladed trocars 
  • Blunt trocars 
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The value you need; the quality you deserve

With a universal cannula fitting all obturators, the redesigned and flexible VersaOne™ trocar platform will simplify your product line, increase efficiency and potentially reduce costs.

VersaOne Redesigned Package
  • * As compared to Medtronic legacy trocars.

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