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Introducing the VersaOne™ access system, an easy-to-use universal trocar platform that gives you the performance, choice, peace of mind, and consistency that you asked for, all in one simple solution.

The Universal Cannula

A clear sleeve compatible with all VersaOne™ trocars, provides excellent visualization for an informed entry. It features a durable seal system, designed to allow for repeated instrument exchanges, and an advanced ribbed fixation that offers excellent port security from start to finish.

A Full Range of Options

Our product families have been improved to meet all your needs, with a complete range of trocars to cope with every case: VersaOne™ blunt trocar, VersaOne™ bladed trocar, VersaOne™ optical trocar, and VersaOne™ bladeless trocar.

Increased Efficiency

We’ve reduced product codes by 20%, so your hospital may be able to simplify trocar inventory, without sacrificing choice. Now you have the access without the excess.

Environmental Friendly

VersaOne™ access system packaging material weight has been reduced by 50% compared to previous packaging, so you can feel comfortable that you’re contributing to a sustainable future.

Discover the One Complete Solution

The VersaOne™ trocar platform features a universal cannula designed to fit with all obturators, giving surgeons flexibility based on the patient and procedure.

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Redesigned Packaging

Sustainable for your OR and the Environment

  • Clip to ensure stability during shipping
  • Soft pouch packaging reduces storage space
  • New packaging reduces packaging weight by 50%([FOOTNOTE=Eichler Sustainability Presentation, June 27, 2014 Samantha Smith, Sr. Packaging Engineer.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Clear labeling makes it easy to identify size, obturator tip and length
VersaOne™ Redesigned Packaging

For Surgeons

A consistent and reliable access system

  • Compatible with industry standard laparoscopic instruments for ease of use
  • Increased visibility with optical tip geometry allows for an informed entry([FOOTNOTE=Images recorded on March 14, 2013 as part of a trocar clarity evaluation in an inanimate abdominal model; images representative of evaluation results.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Clear cannula for visualization*
  • Obturator hubs are redesigned to provide comfort and control for a variety of users
  • Interchangeable obturator allows flexibility for procedural needs
  • Bladed and bladeless “dolphin nose” obturator tip facilitates smooth insertion for easier trocar placement

For Nurses

More time to focus on patient care

  • More time to focus on patient care because there are less trocars to manage
  • Increased consistency
  • Reduced waste
  • Potentially fewer stock outs
  • Simplified picking for cases

For Management

An efficient universal platform

  • Less investment tied up in inventory
  • Reduced inventory on shelf
  • Ease of forecasting with fewer product codes to manage
  • Potentially fewer vendors to manage
  • Improved supply chain flow

For Patients

Consistent outcomes

  • Visibility with optical tip geometry allows for an informed entry2
  • Durable seal helps maintain pneumoperitoneum([FOOTNOTE=Internal R&D test report #2143-123. Applies to 12 mm optical trocars, when compared to the Versaport™ bladeless 12 mm trocar.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • * As compared to Medtronic legacy trocars.