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Stable fixation and sealing

Our blunt tip trocars are equipped with atraumatic blunt obturators and provide stable fixation and excellent portsite sealing when performing the Hasson or open technique.1,2  

We offer two blunt tip trocars:  

  • VersaOne™ blunt trocar ‒ with a rounded distal tip for less traumatic entry1 
  • Blunt tip trocar ‒ with a latex-free balloon, for easier inflation and greater durability2,3

Secure fixation

Our blunt tip trocars have been designed and tested to ensure stable fixation for long procedures: 

  • The threaded anchor and the two suturing wings of the VersaOne™ blunt trocar ensures secure placement and maintains pneumoperitoneum1 
  • The improved balloon of the Blunt tip trocar ensures 4 hours of stable fixation and sealing2 

  • † Compared to the legacy trocar.

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