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Optical trocars for optimal tissue visibility 

Our optical trocars make visualising and identifying tissues easier. We offer two optical trocars to meet your clinical needs: 

  • VersaOne™ optical trocar 
  • VisiPort™ Plus optical trocar 

The VersaOne™ optical trocar has a clear cannula to provide outstanding visibility to all tissue layers. It features a transparent, unique ‘dolphin-nose’ tip, which facilitates smoother insertion for easier trocar placement.1 

The Visiport™ Plus optical trocar consists of an obturator with a blunt, clear dome at the distal end. The clear dome encloses a crescent-shaped blade to provide a high definition field of view for blunt and sharp dissection. 

Side by Side Comparison

In a side by side comparison of the Medtronic Visiport™ PLUS and the Ethicon XCEL™* there is a difference in image clarity and distortion. Visiport™ PLUS provides controlled entry with a high definition field of view. Images below were taken with a 0° laparoscope.*

Visiport™ Plus Optical Trocars

Superior Performance

Our products are the result of over 40 years of investment in science and engineering, and deliver the value you need and the quality you deserve.  

In performance comparison tests, our optical trocars have a clear advantage to other trocars on the market. Our VersaOne™ optical trocar shows smooth insertion due to the legacy parabolic geometry of the ‘dolphin nose’ tip.1  

Our Visiport™ Plus optical trocar provides a high definition field of view, which is clearer and less distorted compared with the Ethicon XCEL™ optical trocar* 

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  • ™* Third party brands are trademarks of their respective owners. All other brands are trademarks of a Medtronic company.

  • * Image focus and white balance set as per Instructions For Use.