Signia™ Stapling System

Signia™ is a smart stapling platform that is compatible with all of our Tri-Staple™ technology reloads.

The Signia™ Stapling System:

  • Combines powered rotation, articulation and firing in a true one-handed design
  • Automatically adjusts firing speed to optimise Tri-Staple™ technology for most consistent results
  • Displays real-time feedback about the forces on clamp and fire to support surgical decision making

Adaptive Firing Technology

Evidence shows that firing more slowly in thicker tissue helps ensure a higher percentage of properly "B" shaped staples.1

When the Signia™ stapler is fired it automatically adjusts to the appropriate firing speed for the tissue, allowing thicker tissue to compress to the correct height for the staples you are using.

This technology works on all of our Tri-Staple™ reloads when used with the Signia™ Stapling platform.

Force Measurements

The Signia™ stapler measures the force to clamp and fire the stapler. Here's how it works:

  • Three zones were developed based on force measurements in variable tissue thicknesses
  • Firing speeds were programmed for each zone - to optimize staple formation
  • Higher force measurements indicate thicker tissues, more challenging tissue conditions, additional material in the jawz

A Reusable & Expandable Platform

The Signia™ Stapling System is testament to Medtronic's desire to innovate not only with technology, but also with how we bring you new technology. By creating a reusable handle which can be used in 300 procedures and combining it with single use Powershells we are able to spread costs across procedures enabling us to bring new, innovative technology within a realistic cost structure.

In the near and medium term future we will expand the platform by bringing new end effectors to the Signia™ Platform. This means we can start to bring the benefits of intelligent stapling to many aspects of both Open and Endoscopic Stapling.

How It Works

Real-time Feedback with Tri-Staple™ 2.0

Tri-Staple™ 2.0 specialty reloads are equipped with a computer chip that can communicate information during your procedure.

When Signia™ and Tri-Staple™ 2.0 are combined then you will first receive information from the OLED screen on the handle giving you an indication of the tissue you are clamped on.

As you are firing the reload, you will be given a visual reading of the Adaptive Firing technology present in Signia™.

Tri-Staple™ 2.0 specialty reloads can be used with all our current staplers. When they are paired with the Signia™ you get the benefits of our most technologically advanced stapling system ever.


  • 1-2. Based on internal test report #R2146-151-0. Powered Stapling Firing Speed DOE. Analysis and ASA Parameters, 2015

  • † N=243 firings. Graph represents values based on preliminary ex vivo porcine model data. Represents the various speeds a user can depoloy staples using a manual handle. This data was used to develop the optimal firing speeds for the Signia™ System.