Clinically Proven Confidence

Tri-Staple™ technology reloads are designed to work in harmony with the natural properties of tissue before, during, and after stapling. Each reload has a stepped cartridge face that delivers graduated compression and three rows of varied height staples

The result of that design is a reload that provides superior strength and leak resistance4,([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #PCG-002, In-vitro leak comparison. March 08, 2011.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]),Ω,†† across procedures.

Unique design. Universal benefits. No matter your specialty.

No single stapler can address the wide range of tissue management issues faced by surgeons on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve given our entire portfolio the power of Tri-Staple™ technology. So you can have reliable results — no matter your specialty.



Smart performers rarely operate alone.

Less Stress1,2,†,‡

Each Tri-Staple™ reload has a stepped cartridge face that delivers graduated compression and three rows of varied height staples. That design helps generate less stress on tissue during compression and clamping1,2,†,‡

Greater Perfusion3,

Tri-Staple™ technology’s graduated compression profile and varied height staples allow greater perfusion into the staple line.3,†

Superior Performance2,4,5,6,7,§,Ω

With unique design features, reloads with Tri-Staple™ technology deliver superior performance across a broad range of thicknesses.2,4,5,6,7,§,Ω


Tri-Staple™ 2.0 reloads are equipped with a computer chip that can communicate information during your procedure. When Signia™ and Tri-Staple™ 2.0 are combined you will receive information on the Signia™ screen before, during & after you fire, to help support clinical decision making.([FOOTNOTE=Based on PT00002451 Signia™ Stapler User Manual, Page 13.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])


Tri-Staple™ Speciality reloads are designed to help you address procedurally specific challenges. All including Tri-Staple™ 2.0 technology for real-time feedback, the Curved Tip, Black, 30 mm, Reinforced and Radial reloads are all designed to work with both our Manual and Signia™ handles.


  • †Compared to flat-faced cartridges with single-height staples.

  • ‡Compared to Echelon Flex™* green reloads analysis comparing different stapler designs, performance and impact on tissues under compression using 2-D finite element analysis.

  • §Preclinical results may not correlate with clinical performance in humans. 

  • ΩBench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Compared to Ethicon Echelon Flex™*.

  • ††Staple line strength: Endo GIA™ tan reload vs. Echelon Flex™* white reload and Endo GIA™ purple reload vs. Echelon™* green, gold, and blue reloads. Leak resistance: In-vitro synthetic leak comparison: Endo GIA™ purple reload vs. Echelon™* blue and gold.