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Medtronic CareLink Network

for Cardiac Device Patients

Medtronic CareLink Network For Cardiac Device Patients

The Medtronic CareLink® Network is the nation’s leading remote monitoring service, connecting cardiac device patients to their clinic from home or away.* As a clinician, you have 24/7 access – via a secure Internet website – to a wide range of trended reports offering information comparable to an in-office visit. These diagnostic reports can be exported to your hospital network or EHR for greater accessibility to the data and clinical documentation. In addition, you can receive Medtronic CareAlert® Notifications which provide alerts to potential issues before they become problems. Note: transmissions should be scheduled based on medical necessity.

* Based on CareLink metrics database (December 2010)

† For new generation pacemakers that provide thresholds, such as the Adapta® family. CareLink report formats may vary from programmer report formats.

Medtronic CareLink Website

The Medtronic CareLink® Clinician Website is reengineered to offer improved design and functionality. An exclusive clinician-designed dashboard homepage triages information to help you see what’s important first.

Throughout every stage of our development process, from idea to the finish line, Medtronic partnered with clinicians to find out what they wanted in a redesigned website. The results? A website that allows you to:


The dashboard homepage triages information to help you identify clinical events and optimize patient care.


Use the site as is, or easily customize it. Create new information fields important to your clinic and add new columns to the Transmission and Patient lists.


Built-in tools reduce keystrokes and save time. Unified scheduling for all patients allows you to view the total CareLink schedule.

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Home Monitor

CareLink Home Monitor

CareLink Home Monitor

CareLink Home Monitor

The Medtronic CareLink® Home Monitor allows patients to send data from their cardiac device over a standard phone line for you or your clinic to review. The unit is small, portable, and very easy to use.

The CareLink Monitor (Models 2490C and 2490G/H/J) enables you to have access to the most current information from your patient’s device to ensure that it continues to provide the best treatment for your patient’s heart condition. Remote follow-up can make it easier for your patients to get the care they need. For some people, this means fewer office visits and less time traveling to and from their clinics.

For patients eligible for remote monitoring with the CareLink Network who do not have access to a standard phone line, Medtronic now offers a cellular accessory.

The cellular accessory offers patients the following benefits:


Patients can transmit device data any time, as instructed by your clinic, without a telephone landline or cell phone.


Compared to costs associated with in-clinic appointments, digital and landline phone charges, the cellular accessory offers patients an affordable solution for remote monitoring of their implanted device.*


Patients are free to travel globally and stay connected to their clinic via the CareLink Network with the cellular accessory.


Crossley G, Boyle A, Berman BJ, Alsheikh T, Sodowick BC, Johnson SA, Vitense HS, et al. Patient and Caregiver Burden of Following Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators. Heart Rhythm. May 2008. 5(5):Suppl 1. S259

Patients should call 1 (877) 609-6698 to confirm cellular coverage for a specific location.


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