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Bradyarrhythmia Management

Bradyarrhythmia Management

Since inventing the first wearable, battery-operated pacemaker over 50 years ago, to "reinventing" pacing today, Medtronic is the leader in bradycardia management.

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Medtronic Pacing

Advanced Research and Design

Significant investment in research and design has resulted in the innovative technologies of today, including the world’s first:

Comprehensive Care

Medtronic offers a full line of pacing systems and services, including devices, leads, programmers, and remote patient management systems. We are dedicated to providing a continuous stream of innovation and technological advancements to successfully restore people to full and healthy lives.

Medtronic CareLink Network for Pacemakers

Now available! Medtronic CareLink® Network, the leading Internet-based remote monitoring service, is available for pacemakers.