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Implantable Cardiac Devices

Conexus Wireless Telemetry

Conexus Wireless Telemetry With the Medtronic CareLink Network

Conexus® Wireless Telemetry

Conexus® Wireless Telemetry with the Medtronic CareLink® Network provides a complete remote patient management system for better patient care. Use at implant for safety and convenience. Conexus Telemetry uses the Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS) radio frequency band – it’s designated worldwide for medical devices and protects against interference.

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At Implant

Make Implants Safer and More Efficient

Make Implants Safer and More Efficient

Make implants safer and more efficient

Transforming Implant Management (01:02)

  • Proprietary design addresses the critical need to maintain connectivity during induction and delivery of therapies
  • Interrogate patient’s wireless device without using a programming head

Reduce Implant Time

  • Procedure data is transferred wirelessly from the programmer to the device
  • The device can be programmed at any time during the procedure while maintaining continuous patient monitoring for convenience and safety

Clinic Follow-up

Remote Follow-Up