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Cardioblate CryoFlex

Surgical Ablation Console

Cardioblate CryoFlex Surgical Ablation Console



The Cardioblate® CryoFlex™ Surgical Ablation Console is the command center for the entire system. It consists of a control panel and a carrier for transporting and storing the argon gas tank. The console is quick and easy to set up for use and has intuitive, one-touch, push-button controls.

Adjustable Surgical Ablation Timer

A built-in timer can be set for the targeted duration of each ablation. When the pre-set ablation time is reached, the system automatically stops.

Probe Temperature Gauge

Probe temperatures are indicated on the console to help the operator assess temperature performance during ablation.

Ablation Minutes-remaining Indicator

The system has a pressure sensor that calculates the amount of ablation time remaining with the attached tank of argon gas.

Integrated Membrane Keypad Control

The console has intuitive, one-touch, push-button controls to help prevent inadvertent activation.

Important Safety Information

Potential adverse events with this device are similar to other cardiac surgery procedures and may include the following: bleeding; re-operation; extension of extracorporeal bypass; heart rhythm disturbances (atrial and/or ventricular); pericardial effusion; pericarditis; cardiac tamponade; pleural effusion; mediastinitis; conduction disturbances (SA/AV node); acute ischemic myocardial event; thrombus formation; low cardiac output; stroke; renal, gastrointestinal or respiratory complications; sepsis; adjacent structural damage; and death.