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Adult Extracorporeal Circuit Cannulae

Venous Cannulae

Medtronic Venous Cannulae are designed to provide optimal venous drainage while providing flexibility and ease of use. We offer an unmatched selection of cannulae to facilitate a wide range of insertion and drainage techniques. Medtronic Venous Cannulae are available with or without wire winding in single, double and triple stage designs in a variety of tip configurations to accommodate both bi-caval and caval-atrial cannulation. From the unique design of the “cats-eye” holes found in our Ultraflex® Venous Cannulae to the distinctive ‘bulgy’ basket on our popular three stage cannulae, our product breadth ensures the availability of a cannula to meet your specific needs.

Featured Products

MC2X Three-Stage Venous Cannula


The MC2X® Three Stage Venous Cannula line combines innovation with practicality. Including a third basket provides an additional inlet port during VAVD or KAVD techniques. The unique larger bulgy basket on our model 91437 is designed to minimize the potential for tissue occlusion of the cannula side holes.

Arterial Cannulae

Arterial cannulae are intended to deliver oxygenated blood to the arterial vasculature. Medtronic understands the importance of gentle flow in the often fragile aorta and we offer a number of different product variations to facilitate a variety of surgical techniques and patient anatomies. Our Select 3D line of cannulae features fluted tips which help diffuse and disperse blood flow while our EOPA® Cannulae have elongated kink-resistant bodies to deliver high flow rates with minimal pressure differential. Arterial cannulae are available in a variety of tip configurations, with or without wire winding and in different lengths to meet your specific needs.

Featured Products

Soft-Flow Arterial Cannulae

Designed to be gentle on the aorta and easy to insert, Soft-Flow®* arterial cannulae help you proceed with confidence during cardiac surgery procedures. The original Soft-Flow cannulae were a popular choice for cardiac surgeons and perfusionists for many years — now they're back.

Elongated On-Piece Arterial Cannula


The EOPA® (Elongated One-Piece Arterial Cannula) is available with either a dilator tip introducer designed to be placed over a 0.038” guidewire or with a blunt tip introducer. The elongated wire-wound body provides versatility for a variety of insertion techniques EOPA 3D®. The EOPA 3D Arterial Cannula features a unique tapered tip configuration that diffuses the flow through multiple outlets and reduces exit velocity. The elongated, wire-wound body provides versatility for a variety of insertion techniques.

Femoral Cannulae

Femoral cannulae provide greater versatility of cannulation techniques to meet the needs of the changing patient population and the desire for smaller thoracic incisions. Designed to be placed in the femoral vein or artery, Medtronic Femoral Cannulae are ideally suited for both percutaneous and direct insertion. The unique, flat, wire-wound, thin-walled construction of the Bio-Medicus™ Cannulae maximizes flow rates and cannula flexibility. Our product offerings in both pediatric and adult sizes ensure the availability of a cannula to meet your specific needs.

Featured Products

Bio-Medicus Multi-Stage Femoral Venous

Bio-Medicus Multi-Stage Femoral Venous

The Bio-Medicus™ Multi-Stage features multiple drainage ports allowing for optimal drainage of the entire venous circulation by accessing the SVC, atrium and the IVC. The extended length introducer with new, smother transition zone promotes ease of percutaneous femoral vein cannulation and advancement through tortuous venous anatomy. The Bio-Medicus Multi-Stage is 60 cm in length and available in 19, 21 and 25 Fr sizes. These cannulae can be inserted percutaneously over a 0.038 guidewire.

Bio-Medicus™ NextGen

Bio-Medicus NextGen Femoral Arterial or Jugular Venous

These enhanced Bio-Medicus™ NextGen femoral arterial or jugular venous adult cannulae offer a flexible kink-resistant thin-wall design that promotes maximum flow rates. A re-engineered tip design eases insertion and features a one-piece non-phthalate PVC introducer, a reinforced non-step transition zone and smoother side ports. A silicone friction-fit cap and introducer provide improved function as well.

The percutaneous-style introducer is now standard on all sizes — along with a repositionable radiopaque suture ring. A shortened clamp site eases tubing management and is equipped with a 3/8 inch standard connection site.
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Important Safety Information

For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings, please refer to the Instructions for Use. Care and caution should be taken to avoid damage to vessels and cardiac tissue during cannulation or other cardiac surgery procedures.

Caution: Swedish law restricts this device to be ordered by, and sold to, a physician or medical institution only.