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Simulus Adjustable Annuloplasty System

Simulus Adjustable Annuloplasty System

The Simulus® Adjustable Annuloplasty Ring and Band are fully flexible and enable finite adjustments.


Based on preference and patient need, surgeons can choose between the Simulus Adjustable Annuloplasty Ring and Band, both of which are adjustable and fully flexible.

The ring and band include 18-inch adjustment strings, allowing subtle size changes during mitral or tricuspid valve repair. Asymmetric and symmetric adjustments of posterior segment can be made during the procedure.

Secured with running sutures, the low-profile ring and band provide support for the annulus and enable physiologic movement. They are made of braided polyester with a radiopaque core.

The Simulus Adjustable Ring and Band are available in eight sizes ranging from 25 mm to 39 mm.

Important Safety Information

Only physicians who have received proper training in valve repair should use this device.

Adverse events can include: thromboembolic events, dehiscence, hemolysis, stenosis, residual incompetence, heart block, endocarditis, systolic anterior motion, left ventricular outflow tract obstruction, anticoagulant-related bleeding or hemorrhage.

For additional information please refer to the Instructions for Use provided with the product or contact your local Medtronic representative.