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Pediatric Suction & Support Products


Pediatric Oxygenators Quick Facts

Affinity Pixie Oxygenation System

The Affinity Pixie® Oxygenation System delivers performance and versatility for neonates, infants and small children requiring cardiopulmonary bypass at flow rates up to 2.0 L/min


Minimax Plus Oxygenation System

Provides the quality and performance needed to treat a wider range of patients, from neonates to children requiring flow rates up to a full 2.3 LPM

Pediatric Venous Reservoirs Quick Facts

Affinity CVR Cardiotomy/Venous Reservoir


  • Versatile turret design for flexibility in setup
  • Vacuum-assisted venous drainage compatible
  • Maximum capacity of 4000 mL
  • Minimum operating level of 200 mL

Pediatric Centrifugal Blood Pumps and Flow Probes Quick Facts

BP-50 Bio-Pump Centrifugal Blood Pump


Designed for pediatric use

Pediatric Arterial Filters Quick Facts

Affinity Pixie Arterial Filter


A pediatric arterial filter for your most magical patients, the Affinity Pixie™ Arterial Filter features ease of prime and effective air handling and filtration.

Pediatric Cannulae Quick Facts

Extracorporeal Circuit

Pediatric cannulae used to provide the interface between the patient and the extracorporeal circuit.


Cardioplegia Circuit

Pediatric cannulae used to facilitate adequate myocardial protection to the heart.


Suction & Support Products

Suction devices in smaller sizes to clear the field of debris and accessory products that help to facilitate surgeries through ease of use.

Hemoconcentrator Quick Facts

Minntech Hemoconcentrators

Designed for use with adult and pediatric patients

HMS Plus Hemostasis Management System Quick Facts

HMS Plus Hemostatis Management System


Versatile platform used to perform multiple tests for individual patient heparin management

ACT Plus Automated Coagulation Timer Quick Facts

ACT Plus Automated Coagulation Timer System


For use in cardiovascular and vascular surgery, ECMO, cardiac catheterization laboratories, critical care and/or hemodialysis units

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