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Neurosurgery Imaging and Surgical Navigation

Neurosurgery Imaging and Surgical Navigation

Due to the precision enabled by StealthStation®, surgical imaging and navigation, we may help to improve patient outcomes.

About Neurosurgery Imaging and Surgical Navigation

Medtronic neurosurgery imaging and neuronavigation systems enable surgeons to visualize the anatomy of a patient’s brain during surgery and precisely track the location of their surgical instruments in relation to the anatomy – even accommodating for the brain shift that occurs during surgery. Using StealthStation technologies during procedures like tumor resections, surgeons can navigate more precisely, perform less-invasive procedures, and help improve clinical outcomes.

StealthStation Navigation Animation Video (3:05, 41 MB)
Video overview of surgical navigation.

StealthStation-guided Neurosurgery Procedures

Cranial Navigation

Detail - Cranial navigation

Key Components of a StealthStation Navigation Solution

Surgeons can tailor the neurosurgery imaging and neuronavigation systems and software below to personalize each procedure, fit their surgical workflow, and streamline patient management.

Neuronavigation Systems
  • StealthStation S7® – This seventh generation surgical navigation system offers both optical and AxiEM™ electromagnetic tracking options, simplicity and smart instrumentation in a compact, mobile design
  • StealthStation i7™ – This versatile, integrated surgical navigation system incorporates all the latest navigation technologies into a ceiling mounted boom system to free up space in your OR, and features versatile equipment and intra-operative imaging interfaces to optimize your surgical experience
  • AxiEM™ Electromagnetic Navigation – Provides an alternative to the rigidity of optical navigation solutions through tip-tracking of flexible surgical instruments like catheters by using the electromagnetic sensor in the instruments and an electromagnetic field around the patient’s head
  • StealthViz™ Planning Station – A powerful 2D/3D surgical planning application that simplifies advanced image viewing, processing, and morphing for navigation
Neuronavigation Software

Advanced Visualization – Stealth3D™ and StealthMerge™ software provide 3D image data in higher resolutions and auto-merge exams for optimized visualization

StealthViz Advanced Visualization with StealthDTI™ – StealthViz is a highly advanced Planning Station application that enables surgeons to review multiple data sources and imaging scans, all in one spot. StealthDTI is an application that can create and overlay white matter tractography to the navigation map for the surgeon.