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Medtronic has designed and developed several software modules that enhance the efficiency and ease-of-use of image guided neurosurgery solutions.

Advanced Visualization Software

Merged exams for image guide neurosurgery

Using Medtronic's advanced StealthMerge and Stealth3D visualization software, surgeons can precisely and easily add dimension to any scan and auto-merge exams for the best visualization during image guided neurosurgery.

3D surface rendering for image guided neurosurgery

StealthMerge Software merges a variety of exam modalities. For example, complex functional data series with the corresponding anatomical series in the OR, or on a planning station. Intuitive features make it easy for surgeons to:

  • Drag and drop images for easy manual merging or initialization of exams
  • Merge images in more places: select patient, planning, navigation
  • Verify and confirm merge results in all views simultaneously

Stealth3D Software provides surgeons with 3D image data in higher resolution and enables them to visualize anatomical areas of interest with no segmentation, including:

  • Cortical surface
  • Skull
  • Vasculature

Procedure Customization and Patient Management Software

StealthStation® Cranial Software Planning and Navigation Software allows surgeons to store preferences for each type of image guided procedure they perform, and streamline patient management. These features help save time and costs, and ultimately provide a consistent experience for every case – even with staff rotations.

Stored Preference Options – Surgeons can personalize each image guided neurosurgery procedure by:

  • Designating optical or StealthStation EM electromagnetic tracking technology
  • Selecting and storing preferred instruments and room set-ups
  • Patient Management Features – Surgeons can streamline patient management by:
    • Transferring patient data from radiology via USB, CD, or DICOM Query/Retrieve
    • Archiving screenshots and StealthStation images via USB
    • Grouping data by patient name and medical record
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Other Instruments for Image Guided Neurosurgery

These instruments are used with the StealthStation® System. Please click on the ‘Indications, Safety, and Warnings’ info on the left for more information, as well as to consult the full System Manual.

View CSF shunting or StealthStation EM surgical navigation instruments
View biopsy surgical navigation instruments

Cranial Passive Instrument Set

SureTrak Tray for image guided neurosurgery

Detail - SureTrak® II Universal Tracker Instrument Tray

Microscope probe for image guided neurosurgery

Detail - Microscope Probe

PCI Handle Kit for image guided neurosurgery

Detail - Catheter Introducer PCI Handle Kit


Vertek® Arm

Small Passive Frame

Small Passive Frame

Passive Planar Blunt Probe

Passive Planar Blunt Probe

Surgical Planning