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Surgical Imaging System

O-arm Surgical Imaging System

O-arm® Surgical Imaging with StealthStation® Navigation provides:

  • Access to real-time, multi-plane 3D images (and 2D images)
  • Complements the unique surgical workflow of spinal procedures
  • Visualization to confirm hardware therapy placement, potentially eliminating revision surgeries

About the O-arm Surgical Imaging System

The O-arm Surgical Imaging System: 3D Imaging

The O-arm Surgical Imaging System is a multi-dimensional surgical imaging platform that is designed for use in spine, orthopaedic, and trauma-related surgeries. It provides real-time, intra-operative imaging of a patient's anatomy with high quality images and a large field-of-view in both two and three dimensions.

By integrating O-arm surgical imaging technology with Medtronic's StealthStation surgical navigation systems, surgeons are able to improve visualization to complete complex and MIS procedures and confirm the accuracy of advanced surgical procedures before the patient leaves the OR.

O-arm Surgical Imaging System Benefits

The O-arm System seamlessly integrates with navigation

The O-arm System seamlessly integrates with StealthStation navigation.

  • Seamless Navigation Integration – The combination of the O-arm Intra-operative Imaging System with StealthStation Navigation offers a one-company solution for your spinal procedural needs.
  • 2D Imaging and 3D Imaging – Delivering access to real-time, multi-plane 3D images (as well as 2D images) when the surgeons need them most, for full support of the unique workflow of spinal procedures.
  • Superior Image Viewing – The image quality of the O-arm system is based on the use of distortion-free flat panel technology. The 30cm x 40cm flat panel detector with 3 Mega-pixels (1.5k x 2k) provides a high dynamic range for greater image accuracy.
  • Surgeon/Staff Radiation Reduction – Use of the O-arm Imaging System with the StealthStation Navigation System reduces radiation exposure for surgeons and staff as compared to standard 2D fluoroscopy.



    Lumbar spine lateral and AP images using the full field-of-view in 2D

  • Automated Positioning Controls and Workflow – The motorized O-arm System and user-friendly controls support quick and easy handling and a smooth workflow. Surgeons can set up and recall up to four preferred imaging positions with the touch of a button.

To view clinical images from the O-arm surgical imaging system, please visit the O-arm System Image Gallery.

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Optional O-arm System Enhancements


Tailor your O-arm® Surgical Imaging System with these optional enhancements:

High Definition 3D-HD3D

  • Scan technique for patients or anatomical areas that are difficult to image, such as the Cervical-Thoracic Junction and the Pelvis
  • 26 second scan time and 26 seconds to reconstruct and project on viewing station
  • 192 slices at 0.830 mm in axial plane, 192 slices at 0.415 mm in coronal and sagittal planes

Collimated Axial 3D

  • Reduce amount of anatomy imaged to what is clinically necessary, enabling reduced radiation exposure to patient during 3D scan

Iso-Wag Movement

Iso-Wag™ Rotation

  • Iso-centered swivel rotation, enabled by simultaneous swivel and lateral motion to maintain iso-center

Advanced Viewing

  • Oblique Views – Allows O-arm system user to align orthogonal views along desired trajectories, such as implant angle or bony structure planes
  • Maximum Intensity Projection View (MIP) provides a transparent rendering of the scanned anatomy where bone and implants are visible as a whole 3D volume
  • Rotate image caudal-cranial and left-right to view from any angle or direction


Detail - Oblique View



Detail - MIP View