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Surgical Imaging System

Surgical Imaging System

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Draping and positioning

O-arm® Surgical Imaging System: Draping and Positioning Images

oarm_full_mobility image

Motorization for easy positioning in the OR

oarm_easy_draping image

Multiple draping options exist, including several drape options for easy and fast draping. The O-arm system draping tube is shown above.

oarm_sterility image

The closed gantry is designed to stay sterile during the whole procedure, eliminating parts moving in and out of the sterile field.

Iso-Wag™ Movement +/- 12 Degrees

left-right-movement image

Left/Right Movement
+/- 7 inches
(17.8 cm)

tilt-movement image

Tilt Movement
+/- 45 Degrees

up-down-movement image

Up-Down Movement
18 inches (45.7 cm)




Surface Rendering