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Surgical Imaging System

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Base System

The O-arm Surgical Imaging Base System

The O-arm® Surgical Imaging System comes standard with:

  • 3D, multi-plane fluoroscopic imaging capability, in addition to 2D imaging
  • Lateral patient access without compromising mobility
  • Fast imaging with automated real-time, and pre-set positioning (M2D)
  • 2 K x 1.5 K digital flat panel detector enables higher dynamic range and resolution
  • Automated multi-plane imaging eliminates manual repositioning or need for a second system
  • System includes the O-arm Imaging Mobile View Station (MVS) Stand with 30' digital monitor
  • DICOM 3.0 Compliant – the system supports transfer of locally created images across the network to another system and also supports saving images to CD/DVD.
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Integration with Navigation

StealthStation® Surgical Navigation provides the surgeon with information about the patient’s anatomy while reducing the X-ray exposure to the surgeon and staff.

The O-arm® system interfaces with StealthStation navigation systems. This solution provides automatic data transfer of the patient’s 3D data set, as well as the AP and lateral fluoroscopy images. Automatic patient registration on the StealthStation Navigation System eliminates the need for lengthy patient registration and allows the surgeon to navigate immediately after image acquisition and data transfer.

Additional 3D data sets can be acquired as needed during the surgical procedure, making navigation easy to use.

The StealthStation® Navigation User Interface is streamlined to fit the workflow in the OR and to support the surgeon’s work.

As the worldwide leader in surgical navigation, Medtronic offers a wide range of solutions in surgical navigation for Spinal, Neuro, Orthopedic, and ENT surgery.