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Implantable Cardiac Devices

Device Diagnostics

Implantable cardiac device diagnostics help early detection and treatment. Medtronic offers a variety of device diagnostics in an easy to read format accessible both in-clinic and remotely.

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Comprehensive Diagnostic Reports to Assess Clinical Status


Cardiac Compass Report

Cardiac Compass® Trends and Heart Failure Management Reports offer a multidimensional perspective of patients’ clinical status.

This suite of trends provides clinicians another set of tools to help guide therapy decisions and identify clinical issues early, so as to intervene.

14 Months of Trended Data

  • Insertable cardiac monitor provides trended data that can help assess need for medication, cardioversion or other rate or rhythm control therapy
  • Pacemaker, ICD and CRT-P and CRT-D trended data helps you evaluate arrhythmia treatment efficacy
  • Aids assessment of device therapy and drug titration
  • Facilitates management of disease progression
  • Identifies asymptomatic arrhythmias

Rate Histograms

Detailed EGM™ Viewer Displays Symptomatic Episodes to Aid in the Assessment of the Patient’s Condition

Before and Since Last Visit histograms provide unique additional insight.

Detailed EGM Viewer


Detailed EGM™ Viewer* displays symptomatic episodes to aid in your assessment of the patient’s condition.

Patient-activated EGM storage is accessed remotely on the Medtronic CareLink® Network.

* Detailed EGM Viewer is a feature in select Medtronic devices.

Cardiac Monitoring