Colorectal patients want a better experience.

Let's give them one.

Colorectal Health

Faster recoveries. Enhanced hospital efficiencies. Lives improved for the long-term. Just three reasons why we're dedicated to transforming colorectal health.

The situation we face today

We'll transform colorectal health together

To transform colorectal care, we don’t just need technologies that lower complication rates, we also need to solve healthcare challenges and invest in professional training. 

We work with healthcare providers to help their patients recover faster, enjoy better long-term outcomes and have the best possible colorectal treatment experience.

Medtronic will do this by working with you as we aim to become your trusted partner in Colorectal Health.


Whether you want to develop a treatment strategy, find high-quality training, or source the best surgical equipment; we partner with healthcare professionals like you to overcome Colorectal Health challenges and improve patient outcomes.  

Surgical Innovation 

As a quality healthcare provider, you want to give your Colorectal patients the best experience from the moment they’re diagnosed up until discharge. 

We support all approaches to surgery from Open and Minimally Invasive to advanced MIS & Robotic techniques, working to improve complication rates associated with colorectal resections with enhanced focus on that of anastomotic leakage.

Training & Education 

Advancing your team’s knowledge and providing best-in-class training will help you to deliver high-quality treatments for your Colorectal patients. 

Whether it’s in-theatre or remote training, we’ll match our education courses to suit your team’s needs so they can be inspired, grow professionally and improve their patient outcomes.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Being aware of the symptoms and accessing early colon cancer screening can save lives.

Many people are confused about the signs of colon cancer and what to do if they are concerned. It’s essential to listen to your body, try to adopt health habits and know the colon cancer risks.

Even more important, access early screening when you can to reduce your risks of colon cancer. Early screening can save lives. 


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