Colorectal patient pathway

Medtronic takes a holistic approach to working across the Colorectal Healthcare continuum

With you throughout the patient journey

To optimize your colorectal patient pathway you need to think about every step of the journey. From diagnosis through to surgical intervention and follow-up treatments, we can support you with our portfolio of innovative products and solutions. 

Whether you want to reduce your patients’ length of stay, surgical complications or improve their quality of life, we can partner with you to help you achieve better colorectal care outcomes.


Detect earlier for better outcomes

Early diagnosis is a key factor in better final outcomes. That’s why we’re constantly developing new technologies and solutions to detect chronic gastrointestinal diseases and cancers earlier. 

Our technologies include:
  • Capsule Endoscopy for comprehensive, accurate visualisation.
  • Motility Testing Solutions to help you find the exact cause more quickly.
  • Support consistent and predictable acquisition of tissue samples with intact cellular architecture.1,2
  • Comprehensive Reflux Testing Solutions to meet all diagnostic needs.

Surgical Intervention

Empowering colorectal surgeons

We’re continuously innovating to ensure our portfolio meets surgeons’ needs and promotes quicker colorectal patient recovery. 

Our portfolio includes tools to meet all surgical needs including Access, Mobilization & Dissection, Division, Anastomosis and Closure:

  • Ablation Systems
  • Electrosurgical Instruments
  • Hernia Repair
  • Surgical Stapling
  • Trocars & Access Instruments
  • Vessel Sealing & Ultrasonic Dissection
  • Wound Closure

Follow-Up Treatment

Keep patients on the path to recovery

To recover effectively, patients need to be given the right treatment as early as possible. Our solutions and products will help you to monitor you patients carefully, promote faster recovery and ensure they have better long-term outcomes.

Our solutions will help you to:
  • Manage ICU patient sedation.
  • Reduce patient immobility.
  • Enable more effective bowel control.


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