Medtronic Colorectal Health has a clear focus in developing custom made solutions and implementing innovative services to improve clinical outcomes. We provide value beyond products to help healthcare providers to optimise your outcomes — enabling you to improve quality of care and enhance operational performance.

Focused On Colorectal Service Solutions

Understanding the specific challenges you face with your Colorectal care is the first step to improving it. 

Whether you’re looking to grow your patient volume through referrals, meet the standard for care certifications or reduce your patient waiting lists, our clinical solution scans give you a methodological approach to improve your colorectal care. 

 Our Referral, Enhance Recovery and Pathway programmes offer a baseline performance assessment, a custom redesign process and implementation support to help you solve operational challenges and improve your patient care.

Referral Networks

By analyzing and consulting on how patients are referred to your institution, we can help you with your patient acquisition. We give you the roadmap and support you with implementation to grow your patient volume whilst also providing education to referrers that can lead to a better patient experience

We do this by:

  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative research that maps out your current patient referral network. 
  • Recommending a patient growth strategy based on this insight. 
  • Giving you the support you need to implement these strategies effectively.

Enhanced Recovery Programmes

Enhanced Recovery practices are now widely used within the Colorectal Patient Pathway. Fast-track protocols and ERASTM principles have both been proven to improve patient outcomes and recovery, this process will help you to select and implement the most effective approach tailored for you.

We do this by:
  • Assessing Early Recovery After Surgery readiness.
  • Conducting a root cause analysis to determine the major reasons why readiness is at its current level. 
  • Providing an action-orientated report and clear next steps that can help you to implement fast-track protocols or obtain ERASTM certification.

Pathway Optimization

Analysis of your patient pathway can help hospitals that are looking to improve their patient experience and operational effectiveness. We analyze colorectal pathway efficiency and proposes solutions to remove bottlenecks, reduce waiting lists, decrease length of stay and improve patient experience.

We do this by:

  • Establishing a clear baseline of current performance including points of strength and improvement. 
  • Quantifying the challenge through an initial ‘root cause analysis’ that establishes the major reasons behind current performance.
  • Providing an action-oriented report through a facilitated workshop that includes observations, team interviews and recommended next steps.

Remote patient management for truly connected care

Get Ready®

Get Ready® is a digital, remote patient management solution that aims to optimize the entire care pathway, from waiting list to post-intervention follow-up. Our digital solution connects patients and clinical teams for better coordination and management.

By leveraging our extensive knowledge library of questionnaires and protocols based on KOL input and literature guidelines, it helps you optimize and improve the entire colorectal patient journey.