Innovation in Respiratory Monitoring from a Pioneer in Modern Pulse Oximetry

With decades of innovation and quality performance, Nellcor™ pulse oximetry has been one of the most widely used([FOOTNOTE=IMS Health. Hospital Supply Index. April 2014.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]),([FOOTNOTE=Millennium Research Group. Cross Global-Business Unit Market Sizing and Portfolio Management Study 2012: US, Europe (France, Germany, Italy UK, and Spain), Japan, Brazil, India, China, Turkey. 2013.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) and trusted SpO2 monitoring platforms across many clinical applications. With OxiMax™ SpO2 digitally calibrated technology, sensors uniquely designed for every patient type and challenging condition, and alarm management tools, Nellcor pulse oximetry has gained prominence as a worldwide1,2 leader in oximetry products.

With the addition of Nellcor™ respiration rate software and the accurate, easy-to-use single sensor technology, Nellcor™pulse oximetery with OxiMax™ technology can now convey a more complete picture of a patient's respiratory status.

Integrating Nellcor™ pulse oximetry and respiratory function parameters means that leading medical device companies can tap into the broad customer base, clinical and workflow benefits, and technology innovation of Nellcor™ respiratory monitoring.


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Product Technology

Nellcor™ Pulse Oximetry with OxiMax™ and Respiration Rate Technology Advantages

The Nellcor™ cardiac-based pulse oximetry platform delivers accurate and trusted monitoring for patients at all acuity levels, providing:

  • Digital signal processing technology that enhances monitoring performance during difficult conditions3
  • LoSat™ accuracy range of 60% to 100% SpO2
  • SatSeconds™ clinician-controlled alarm management tools to minimize alarm fatigue
  • Saturation Pattern Detection™ (SPD Alert) indicative of repetitive reductions in airflow
  • Motion-tolerant pulse oximetry technology, to ensure accurate and timely SpO2 readings
  • Expanded performance claims for use of Nellcor™ N-600X Pulse Oximetry Bedside Monitor as a tool to aid healthcare practitioners in CCHD (critical congenital heart disease) screening of neonates4,5

The Nellcor™ pulse oximetry system with OxiMax™ technology takes a dramatic departure from standard pulse oximetry technology by moving signal calibration data out of the monitor and into the sensor, thus providing the flexibility to operate accurately with a diverse range of sensor designs.

  • Nellcor™ SpO2 forehead sensor for patients with low perfusion
  • Nellcor™ non-adhesive SpO2 sensors for patients with fragile skin, including neonates
  • Nellcor™ adhesive SpO2 sensors for highly accurate SpO2 monitoring, featuring tear-resistant bandages that provide a comfortable, secure second-skin fit
  • Nellcor™ reusable and two-piece SpO2 sensors for cost-effective and spot-check, short-term monitoring

Nellcor™ respiration rate technology provides an assessment of a patient’s oxygenation and respiration rate trend through a single finger sensor.

Monitoring with Nellcor™ respiration rate software is accurate, comfortable for patients, and easy to use.


Nellcor™ pulse oximetry was at the forefront of developing monitoring technology to help clinicians make informed decisions about patient respiratory status. The faster accurate readings are provided — especially for patients whose conditions can change rapidly and frequently — the earlier clinicians can determine whether intervention is required, helping to reduce risks associated with inadequate oxygenation.([FOOTNOTE=Wyllie J, Perlman JM, Kattwinkel J, Adkins DL, Chameides L, Goldsmith JP, et al. 2010 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Science with Treatment Recommendations. Resuscitation. 2010;81 (Suppl 1): e260-87.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) With the pulse at its foundation, Nellcor™ pulse oximetry algorithms are clinically validated, even under challenging conditions like patient motion, and low perfusion.

With so many monitor alarms in a hospital, it can be challenging for clinicians to know when to trust that an alarm is meaningful and actionable. Nellcor™ SatSeconds alarm management was designed to help reduce alarm fatigue. It’s a clinician-controlled feature engineered to distinguish between serious hypoxemia and minor transient events. It generates alarms based on both the depth and duration of a patient’s desaturation.

And alarms shouldn’t trigger just because of motion. That’s why the Nellcor™ SatSeconds alarm management algorithm was tested under real clinical motion conditions, not mechanically-generated motion.([FOOTNOTE=Medtronic Reports: BRPMS Essential Requirements Matrix (Doc no. 10099165); Clinical, Motion, Connery OEM Module (Doc no. 10096395); and Clinical Report-COVMOPR0384, Motion, LAMP-C (Doc no. 10099560). ],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

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  • The Nellcor™ pulse oximetry monitoring system should not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or therapy and is intended only as an adjunct in patient assessment.

  • †Oxygen saturation accuracy can be affected by certain environmental, equipment, and patient physiologic conditions (as discussed in the operator’s manual for the monitor) that influence readings of SpO2. Please consult the IFU and manual for full safety information.