Innovation in Respiratory Monitoring from a Pioneer in Modern Pulse Oximetry

With decades of innovation and quality performance, Nellcor™ pulse oximetry has been one of the most widely used([FOOTNOTE=IMS Health. Hospital Supply Index. April 2014.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]),([FOOTNOTE=Millennium Research Group. Cross Global-Business Unit Market Sizing and Portfolio Management Study 2012: US, Europe (France, Germany, Italy UK, and Spain), Japan, Brazil, India, China, Turkey. 2013.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) and trusted SpO2 monitoring platforms across many clinical applications. With OxiMax™ SpO2 digitally calibrated technology, sensors uniquely designed for every patient type and challenging condition, and alarm management tools, Nellcor pulse oximetry has gained prominence as a worldwide1,2 leader in oximetry products.

With the addition of Nellcor™ respiration rate software and the accurate, easy-to-use single sensor technology, Nellcor™pulse oximetery with OxiMax™ technology can now convey a more complete picture of a patient's respiratory status.

Integrating Nellcor™ pulse oximetry and respiratory function parameters means that leading medical device companies can tap into the broad customer base, clinical and workflow benefits, and technology innovation of Nellcor™ respiratory monitoring.


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Product Technology

Nellcor™ Pulse Oximetry with OxiMax™ and Respiration Rate Technology Advantages

The Nellcor™ cardiac-based pulse oximetry platform delivers accurate and trusted monitoring for patients at all acuity levels, providing:

  • Digital signal processing technology that enhances monitoring performance during difficult conditions3
  • LoSat™ accuracy range of 60% to 100% SpO2
  • SatSeconds™ clinician-controlled alarm management tools to minimize alarm fatigue
  • Saturation Pattern Detection™ (SPD Alert) indicative of repetitive reductions in airflow
  • Motion-tolerant pulse oximetry technology, to ensure accurate and timely SpO2 readings
  • Expanded performance claims for use of Nellcor™ N-600X Pulse Oximetry Bedside Monitor as a tool to aid healthcare practitioners in CCHD (critical congenital heart disease) screening of neonates4,5

The Nellcor™ pulse oximetry system with OxiMax™ technology takes a dramatic departure from standard pulse oximetry technology by moving signal calibration data out of the monitor and into the sensor, thus providing the flexibility to operate accurately with a diverse range of sensor designs.

  • Nellcor™ SpO2 forehead sensor for patients with low perfusion
  • Nellcor™ non-adhesive SpO2 sensors for patients with fragile skin, including neonates
  • Nellcor™ adhesive SpO2 sensors for highly accurate SpO2 monitoring, featuring tear-resistant bandages that provide a comfortable, secure second-skin fit
  • Nellcor™ reusable and two-piece SpO2 sensors for cost-effective and spot-check, short-term monitoring

Nellcor™ respiration rate technology provides an assessment of a patient’s oxygenation and respiration rate trend through a single finger sensor.

Monitoring with Nellcor™ respiration rate software is accurate, comfortable for patients, and easy to use.