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What is Connect.MeSM Remote Sales?

Medtronic continues to evolve, leading the way, and Connect.MeSM Remote Sales Team is part of the digital transformation providing our customers with a bespoke, integrated and expert service, wherever, whenever and however they need it.

Connect.MeSM experts help healthcare providers achieve and deliver consistent and improved patient outcomes, while supporting process improvements and achieving financial goals.

Collaboration and expertise are the foundations of Connect.MeSM with our Remote Sales Specialists ready to support you and your team with outstanding surgical innovations, best-in-class and personalized service.

How can we support you?

One of the main goals of Connect.MeSM is to provide you with the latest information about Medtronic innovative products, services, and solutions so that together, we can improve patient care.

We will help you to optimize procedures, standardize processes and gain efficiency by offering optimal solutions to the entire health service team, from hospital management and procurement, through to Surgeons and Nurses.

Watch this video to find out more about Connect.MeSM Remote Sales and how our experts closely collaborate with healthcare providers to enable prime product management and cost efficiencies.

The four values of Connect.MeSM Remote Sales

With Medtronic’s innovative Remote Sales Team Support, you can rely on the expert service available.

Connect.MeSM brings together and builds upon the values of trust-worthiness, personalization, experience and reliability, to ensure the best service.

Expertise at your fingertips

You have complete access to qualified and experienced specialists when you need it.

There is nothing better than knowing you can simply get in contact with an expert Sales Support Team and have instant guidance at your convenience.

The personal touch

Be reassured that our Remote Sales Support and product experts at Connect.MeSM have extensive clinical knowledge and industry experience, making them an invaluable source of practical insights and advice for the whole surgical team.

As a healthcare provider, you can rely on our experts for a wealth of helpful guidance, tailored to your needs.

Complete solutions for the whole team

Achieving the right result to suit your specific practice is at the heart of our work at Connect.MeSM because we are completely solution orientated.

We empower you to access all the skills and equipment necessary so you can perform at your best and work side by side with all stakeholders to attain operational and strategic objectives. 

Taking care of business

Not only do we provide consistently high-quality products but we also support our customers to overcome the non-clinical challenges they face.

We proactively collaborate with you to secure cost efficiencies, evolve procurement needs and streamline inventories through product standardisation and online order management.

Expert Personalized Service


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What’s the difference between Connect.MeSM and the field team?

Connect.MeSM Remote Sales Team are there for you with the same outstanding and personal Medtronic service as a field team, but working remotely, helping you to organize the right solutions for your team online, by phone or video consultation. 

Your field-based team can still visit you in person and interact within your environment.

Are the field team and Connect.MeSM complementary?

Yes, both streams work together to ensure that you have the right service, delivering the best possible products and solutions to manage resources and create effective resolutions.

You can work with both or either, depending on what is convenient for you.

When should I contact Connect.MeSM rather than the field team?

If you prefer or need to engage with Medtronic Sales Specialists remotely, then contacting Connect.MeSM is a good choice. You may need a product or solution quickly and want to streamline your product order management system.

Contacting Connect.MeSM, our remote innovative service, equals efficiency and convenience, ensuring a speedy, complete service to gain what you need, when you need it.

What can I expect from Connect.MeSM?

You can expect a responsive service with Medtronic remote medical devices experts on hand when you get in contact. We like to build proactive relationships with our customers, so that we can provide an advanced and agile service.

With detailed product and solution knowledge, we work with you to secure streamlined inventories, the best products for the whole team and effective cost efficiencies.

Where everything comes together

If you want to find out more about how Connect.MeSM can help you realize your goals and achieve more than you ever thought possible in clinical expertise, get in touch.

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