Medtronic Connect.MeSM Remote Sales

Convenient expert support at your fingertips

Discover how simple it is for Nurse Practitioners to interact with Medtronic’s trusted product and clinical experts through Connect.MeSM. 

Surgical Innovations at your fingertips

The digital age is constantly creating stronger partnerships and we are at the forefront of this with our expert team.  

Connect.MeSM enhances collaboration by offering Nurses and Senior Nurse Management:

  • A smooth and seamless connection that is always within reach.
  • Support in the day-to-day pressures nursing staff face.
  • Informative guidance and product support. 
  • Advice on professional development, training and upskilling.
  • A broader way of communicating with us. 

Watch this video to learn how Connect.MeSM Remote Sales Specialists work together with you and your nursing team for the best outcomes, how and when you choose. 

Working together means success

Connect.MeSM Remote Sales nurtures the trust we’ve built up with you already and expands on that, offering practical knowledge and learning in an intuitive manner and at your convenience.

Communication whenever and however you want it.

Leading technology and optimal solutions

Empowering you with the means to get in touch at a time that suits you.  

Whether by phone, online or video conferencing, Connect.MeSM provides instant opportunities to solve any problems you or your team may have, and more.  

We help you deliver great outcomes for your patients and your hospital through our outstanding surgical innovations bespoke service and personalized support. 

Tailored for you 

Our experienced Connect.MeSM Specialists are here to help you achieve the best results for your patients and your hospital with invaluable product knowledge and surgical insights.

Our Connect.MeSM team will always be ready and available, whenever and however you choose, with support that is always accessible and attuned to you.

Working together for every nurse practitioner

Connect.MeSM Remote Sales aim to be part of the solution and provide practical advice specific to Nursing Staff and Senior Nurse Management, such as: 

  • Surgical technology and expertise. 
  • Training opportunities that accommodate a busy schedule. 
  • Practical advice and demonstrations. 
  • Self-development resources and support for nurses to continue to be a voice for patients.

Helping your patients and each other

Our Connect.MeSM Remote Sales Specialists acknowledge your hard work and commitment.

We want to empower you to work to your best and help you improve a patient’s hospital experience from start to finish. 

We are here to complement the existing support network that nurses and healthcare professionals have already put in place. 

Where everything comes together

If you want to find out more about how Connect.MeSM can help you realize your goals and achieve more than you ever thought possible in clinical expertise, get in touch.

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