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Our pencils are uniquely designed for enhanced visibility, access, and smoke capture.([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #RE000128533 rev A, Marketing claims validation report. July 2018.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]),†,‡

Help protect your OR from surgical smoke toxins with our portfolio of Valleylab™ smoke evacuation pencils.

The Dangers are Clear. So is the solution.

Be clear about the health advantages smoke evacuation can give your hospital. Our portfolio of smoke evacuation solutions can help protect surgeons, healthcare workers, and patients from the dangerous toxins in surgical smoke.

  • †Compared to a nonextendable smoke evacuation pencil; 17 out of 19 surgeons surveyed agreed.

  • ‡Compared to the current device they are using; 15 out of 19 surgeons surveyed agreed.