Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales

Digital is not coming, digital is here.

We are expanding our sales force with a multichannel approach. Communicate with Medtronic when and how it’s convenient for you. Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales is your local office-based sales force, offering a variety of ways to interact with us quickly and easily.

 What is Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales?

Connect me

Medtronic Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales is:

  • A new multichannel approach –combining  traditional, digital and remote channels
  • An office-based sales force, offering direct access to a sales rep based in a Medtronic office
  • An easy, fast and remote purchase service
  • Access to product help and training through a variety of channels
  • A complement to the existing field sales team 

Why Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales?

You get:

  • Quick and easy access to the sales force at your convenience
  • Interaction, support and purchase service in the way that suits you best
  • Dedicated support, aimed at fulfilling your needs
  • Help and training delivered through a variety of channels
  • An extra layer of service through the multichannel contact options

How does it work?

Medtronic Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales:

  • Can be reached through phone or email
  • Has the same knowledge and quality standards as a field sales representative
  • Expands our service through multimedia channels and goes beyond the traditional sales model
  • Supports you in your local language
  • Is fully trained on the entire product portfolio and skilled on the digital tools we use
  • Works close to our existing field sales team

Stories of our Remote Sales employees


Carmen, Remote Sales Manager

Carmen van Heeswijk - thumb image

"It’s still a pleasure to work for such a great and innovative company as Medtronic.
I’m proud to work for Medtronic."

My role as the Remote Sales Manager is never boring and it’s great to collaborate with the Remote Sales reps from the different business units (BUs).

More about Carmen

Jeroen, Senior Remote Sales Representative
for MITG Surgical Innovations

Jeroen - Remote Sales

"Sales within Medtronic is different from that in other companies. You are selling products that are literally saving lives."

To me, my job is all about communicating about our innovations and looking for new partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders. It means that with the help of Medtronic, we can make healthcare more efficient, modern and effective.

More about Jeroen

Nancy, Remote Sales Representative
for Coronary, Renal Denervation & Peripheral

Nancy de Smalen

"Moving to Medtronic was quite a switch. But definitely the right one!"

There is a lot of room to develop myself in a professional way and I am encouraged to do so. I am focused on turning this role into a valuable addition to Medtronic in The Netherlands.

More about Nancy