A leading teaching hospital addresses declining patient numbers


Declining bariatric patient numbers and the desire to grow bariatric surgery procedures.


Medtronic analyses the situation, identifies the hospital's market potential and develops an action plan for growth.



Over several years, the number of bariatric procedures at the hospital's large bariatric centre had decreased significantly. How to drive patient growth?

The hopsital chose Medtronic to gather data-driven insights - then define concrete ways to address the challenges. Medtronic worked with the hopsital's bariatric surgeons, physician assistants and department leaders, combining those insights with analysis of the market and referrals.

What we did

Medtronic gathered both quantaitive and qualitative data through:

  • Data collection (referrals, conversion rates, national treatment rates and regional prevalence)
  • Interviews with internal referrers and stakeholders in the care pathway
  • Survey among GPs

The key findings were used to define initiatives for improvement. Together, Medtronic and the hospital prioritised and developed those initiatives into four focus areas to drive growth - each of which included specific actions. The hospital is currently implementing those actions.

"These insights and initiatives are very tangible. We have to do something with them"


"We can no longer hide behind question marks: this report is crystal clear."

Department manager