Work smarter

Having worked with hundreds of bariatric clinics across the globe, we’ve got a great sense of what works well – and what doesn’t. And we’re eager to put that knowledge to use in your clinic to benefit your patients, practice and team.

Experienced in improving workflows like yours

You might think we invest only in product research and development. But beyond that, we dedicate significant financial and human resources to exploring how to improve workflows. It’s these learnings we use to help you run a more efficient practice and to give patients an even better experience with your clinic or hospital.

Together we can improve cost efficiency

Bariatric Customized Solutions optimizes the patient pathway. By fine-tuning some of your processes with our help, you can enable care professionals, administrative staff and patients to team up more efficiently. Not only can it save time and money – it also makes the process more satisfactory for everyone involved.

One of the most popular services: Bariatric Pathway Scan

Bariatric Pathway Scan helps you identify how efficient your bariatric pathway is – then proposes tailored solutions to remove bottlenecks, reduce waiting lists and improve patient experience.

It assesses the full bariatric journey your patients take from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. Gives you a clear baseline of your performance today (successes and improvement areas). 

After we interview and observe your team and analyse relevant data, you'll get an action-oriented report. Plus, we’ll facilitate a workshop to decide on next steps.

Choose from many service areas

You’ll find a wide range of services, each tailored to meet your specific needs. They include patient-focused activities, services designed to support clinicians, proven ways to streamline clinic and hospital procedures, and more. 

See the types of services available
  • Patient Education & Aquisition
  • Patient Pathway Optimisation
  • Expert Clinical Training
  • Innovative Product Portfolio
  • Digital Patient Platforms
  • ERP – Enhanced Recovery Pathway/Fast Track
  • NOK/QURO integrated care clinics

Like to know how your clinic can work smarter?