These services support your success

Each of these general categories within Bariatric Customized Solutions covers a range of specific activities you can consider implementing. Together we tailor the solutions and process to meet your exact needs – putting the knowledge we’ve gained from bariatric clinics around the world to work for you.

Patient education

Get concrete suggestions for how to reach and assess more patients more effectively. For example, activities could include patient events, online promotional activities or social media engagement. 

Patient pathway optimisation

We’ll help you assess how efficient your bariatric pathway is – and explore tailored solutions to remove bottlenecks, reduce waiting lists, decrease length of stay and improve patient experience.

Expert clinical training

Give surgeons and surgical staff training in state-of-the-art surgical and clinical procedures. Whether it includes best practices from other surgeons, how to use innovative new products, or findings from the latest clinical research, you help your most valuable resources stay valuable.

Innovative product portfolio

Get the best possible clinical outcomes with innovative products and technologies. Click here to see our product portfolio for treating obesity and improving metabolic health.

Digital patient platforms

Bring patients and caregivers closer together to streamline the care pathway – using tools and technologies that leverage today’s digital opportunities. Get Ready® is just one example.

ERP – Enhanced Recovery Pathway/FAST TRACK

Learn what you can do to improve clinical outcomes whilst decreasing the cost of care. 

NOK/QURO™ Integrated Care Clinics

Offer innovative, integrated models for obesity care that extend care beyond surgery to improve outcomes. NOK (Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek) and QURO™ Obesity Centres help you maximise patient engagement and motivation across the care pathway to deliver best-in-class programme adherence over five years.

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