Help more patients

On average, patients spend 1,200 hours researching before deciding to have surgery. Is your clinic on their radar? If so, are you communicating with them as effectively as you could? And are they the right patients for you?

Address any or all of the above - efficiently

We can help you help patients make informed health decisions more quickly and easily. Increase your clinic's visibility. Communicate clearly and efficiently with patients, relatives and healthcare professionals. And target the patients that would benefit most from your services. 

Together we can address the obesity epidemic

Not everyone who needs it has access to obesity treatment. Like you, we are committed to raising awareness of the disease and pushing for the most safe, effective and cost-efficient ways to treat it. 

A few examples

Bariatric Customized Solutions can help you:

  • Implement digital strategies to increase clinic awareness and drive patients toward the most safe, experienced and effective bariatric clinics. 
  • Evaluate clinic-patient interactions and train staff to better tackle patient enquiries.
  • Reduce waiting times by optimising internal workflows and supporting patients through their decision-making process.
  • Develop new digital touchpoints to educate patients on the procedure – at home and in the waiting room. 
  • Support your awareness, advocacy and education efforts through our World Obesity Day partnership with EASO and ECPO.

These are just a few examples. When we work together, you always get a wide range of potential solutions to choose from. Each is designed to delight patients and you.

Choose from many service areas

You’ll find a wide range of services, each tailored to meet your specific needs. They include patient-focused activities, services designed to support clinicians, proven ways to streamline clinic and hospital procedures, and more. 

See the types of services available
  • Patient Education & Aquisition
  • Patient Pathway Optimisation
  • Expert Clinical Training
  • Innovative Product Portfolio
  • Digital Patient Platforms
  • ERP – Enhanced Recovery Pathway/Fast Track
  • NOK/QURO integrated care clinics

Wondering how your clinic can help more patients?