How it works

Together we’ll follow a proven, 4-step process. It helps us understand how you work and deliver the customized support that best address your specific challenges.

Step 1

In-depth interview(s)

The process starts with key personnel from your clinic taking part in one or more in-depth interviews with our experienced specialists.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your clinic and your business, we  agree on your objectives and top challenges.

Step 2

Recommended solutions

Based on your situation, we present you with a range of potential solutions to address each of your challenges and meet your objectives.

We then prioritize these solutions together.

Step 3

Implementation plan

Next, we make an implementation plan together. Who should be involved from your clinic? Do we need to involve other partners? Of course we work closely with you throughout the entire process. And we ensure that the implementation plan matches your ambitions and resources.

Step 4


Together we implement the selected solutions. Some resource-light solutions can be in place within days. Others require multidisciplinary team involvement and may take up to a year to develop. 

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