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Lung Health

Improving Lung Cancer care for a better tomorrow

We aspire to transform Lung Cancer from a deadly disease to a managed condition where patients have what matters most: more quality time. We know that a unified approach will get us there, because we are Engineering the extraordinary.

Lung cancer facts

Lung cancer continues to be a worldwide problem with more people dying of the disease than prostate, breast and colon cancers combined.1 At present, the majority of new lung cancer cases are recognized at a late stage, which limits treatment options and can significantly reduce the opportunity to improve patient survical.2

This has a life-threatening consequence for patients and a potential crisis for health systems; innovative and cost-efficient solutions must be found to help diagnose patients quicker, so they can receive earlier the treatment that works best for them.

85% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking.3

74% of lung cancer cases are diagnosed at a late stage.4,5

25% of all cancer deaths globally are linked to tobacco use.3

Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer (11.6 % of the total cases) and the leading cause of cancer death (18.4 % of the total cancer deaths).6

12.6% is the 5 year survival rates for lung cancer.7

Medtronic is committed to support earlier detection and treatment of lung cancer to improve its 5 year survival rate

5 year survival could increase above 70% if lung cancer is detected earlier.8

Medtronic is committed to improve patient outcomes through innovative solutions.

Achieving earlier diagnosis

Together we can further optimize health outcomes through early diagnosis and early recovery, combining innovative technologies and comprehensive medical education programmes for all healthcare providers involved in patient care.

Improving survival sates & quality of life

Together we can refine patients' journey through the care continuum enabling them to get deeper understanding and better preparation.

Optimizing cost efficiency

Together we can offer solutions that streamline the patient pathway and optimize the care continuum through enhancing partnerships that combine managed services, consultative expertise and innovative technology.


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