Training & Education

ACE – advances in clinical education

Medtronic offers face to face clinical training, mentorships for selected teams (e.g. a team consists of 2 surgeons, 1 anaesthetist and 1 surgical nurse). The training is given by leading thoracic surgeons and pulmonologists within Europe who demonstrate how to do safe procedures.

Digital learning platforms

We offer digital clinical immersion training, training app & webinars through our lung health learning platforms.

Training away from patients

Simulation allows surgeons to practice their surgical skills away from patients, doing no harm. It allows surgeons to measure their progress objectively on their learning curve.

7 steps to proficiency

1. Self study

To research and learn about the anatomy, diseases, clinical evidence and reading; using digital platforms like e learning for example.

2. Theatre exposure, master-class, and clinical immersions

Observation of procedures with directed learning from mentor. Observing cases would be a key part of the learning objective.

3. Hands on training

Training Away from Patients using simulation You can practice VATS procedures and do no harm.

4. Wet lab training

Allows practice on tissue in a clinical setting.

5. Hands on primary training for entire team

Team training in a clinical setting.

6. Non-technical skills training

Attending courses related to the importance of non-verbal & verbal communication. Understanding that a team approach can improve outcomes for patients and HCPs.

7. Hands on advanced training and practice

VATS advanced resections, bronchoscopy and robotic surgery.