Systems to support diagnosis and surgery

Allows for an accurate lung biopsy via the airway leading to a safe diagnostic result.

Illumisite™ platform 

Put the power of precision in your hands

Welcome to a new era in lung navigation. Introducing the Illumisite™ platform.

Fluoroscopic navigation technology corrects for CT-to-body divergence by visually enhancing nodules, and allowing alignment of the catheter to the nodule during the procedure.1,2 This enables you to be in the correct location prior to biopsy.

Continuous guidance helps you maintain alignment to the target — even after the locatable guide is removed, giving you confidence throughout the biopsy to sample multi-directionally. You can even reach nodules outside the airways with the CrossCountry™ transbronchial access tool.3,4,5

Surgical imaging solutions

The EleVision™ IR platform brings high-definition visualization together with fluorescence imaging. So surgeons can see more — and know more.


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