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StealthStation® Spine Surgery Imaging and Surgical Navigation

StealthStation® Spine Surgery Imaging and Surgical Navigation

Medtronic StealthStation® surgical navigation and O-arm® imaging systems enable surgeons to visualize the anatomy of a patient's spine during surgery and to precisely track the location of their surgical instruments in relation to the anatomy. Using these Medtronic technologies during delicate and complex procedures, surgeons may navigate more precisely, may perform less-invasive procedures, can possibly reduce radiation for surgeons and staff, and potentially help improve clinical outcomes.

About O-arm® Surgical Imaging and StealthStation® Navigation for Spinal Procedures

Efficiency in the OR

  • Surgeon-specific optimized workflows for surgeons and staff with StealthStation® Navigation software
  • Integrated navigated spinal instruments for open and minimally invasive spine procedures
  • Advanced intraoperative 3D imaging that provides high-definition 3D visualization and automatically registers into StealthStation® surgical navigation systems
  • The Medtronic O-arm® surgical imaging system and StealthStation® surgical navigation system work together to form a unique integration of surgical technologies and implants. The depth and breadth of our expertise, technologies, and services may help streamline surgical workflow, improve patient outcomes, and enhance economic value.


Navigating degenerative and deformity spinal pathologies with the StealthStation® and O-arm® systems

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