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StealthStation® Spine Surgery Imaging and Surgical Navigation

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StealthStation Surgical Navigation for Thoracic Spine Surgery

Navigated Vertex® Max is a StealthStation® navigated solution for the smaller structures of the upper spine.



  • Set includes anatomy-specific instrumentation: lightweight referencing system with a 3-point fixation spinous process clamp, 2 removable lightweight frames for cranial/caudal positioning with 90 degree rotated position

Navigate Difficult Structures

  • Visualize instruments in relation to delicate anatomy using the StealthStation to execute accurate trajectories for pedicle preparation and screw placement
  • Drill, tap and place screws with one instrument
  • Removable trocar and drill bit tips
  • Color-coded taps match to screw sizing
  • Tactile feel plus visualization from StealthStation navigation
  • New three-point fixation spinous process clamp
  • Two removable lightweight frames for cranial/caudal positioning for 90 degree rotated position


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Surgical Navigation for Lumbar Spine Surgery

Medtronic offers a full procedural solution with the ability to reference and navigate pedicle screw and interbody placement.

Improved OR Efficiencies

  • With the use of StealthStation® navigation and integrated instruments, there is the potential for a decrease in the use of fluoro in the OR
  • Navigated awls, taps and screwdrivers assist with the accurate placement of pedicle screws, regardless of anatomical anomalies
  • Dedicated instruments and procedure-specific software flows enable easy staff support while in the OR
  • Surgeon-specific set-ups and instruments can be programmed
  • StealthStation navigation enables 'virtual fluoroscopy,' interfacing with a wide range of C-arms
  • The O-arm® 2D and 3D imaging systems enable 3D navigation with real-time images obtained in the OR

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