Elevate your vision. With one complete solution.

The EleVision™ HD 1 system is an easy-to-use full HD system that offers significant clinical value in laparoscopic procedures, including:

  • Optimized visualization of patient anatomy
  • A selective color enhancement algorithm that can improve identification and characterization of critical structures([FOOTNOTE=Schols RM, Bouvy ND, van Dam RM, Stassen LP. Advanced intraoperative imaging methods for laparoscopic anatomy navigation: an overview. Surg Endosc. 2013;27(6):1851–1859.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • A smoke reduction algorithm that may improve visualization by digitally removing smoke from the image1


One system. Your complete solution.

Together, the EleVision™ HD 1 system components enable — and empower surgeons to optimize — minimally invasive surgeries (MIS):


  • Features a laser-welded design that lasts for more than 2,000 autoclave cycles([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report, test of laser welded design and autoclaving cycles. April 28, 2015.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

50 L Insufflator  

  • Simple-to-use pressure and flow settings([FOOTNOTE=Hildebrand M. Consideration of usability aspects. Internal test report #F104. World of Medicine.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Easy-to-read display of actual pressure and flow values3
  • Individual programming options3 
  • Offers gas heating to target a 37 C body temperature([FOOTNOTE=Pankalla S. Heating performance test according to a representative surgery scenario. Internal test report #W06. World of Medicine. April 3, 2015.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Occlusion alert, automatic pressure relief, and automatic compensation can help with patient safety against over-pressure in the abdomen and the danger of subcutaneous emphysema

CMOS Technology Camera 

  • Captures native, HD images
  • Maintains sharpness 
  • Provides better resolution than CCD 
  • Enables color enhancement that can improve identification and characterization of critical structures1,†

LED Light Source 

  • Features 20,000-hour lifespan([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report, Summary lifetime of Schoelly LED light source. April 28, 2015.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Delivers 40 times more life than a Xenon™* light bulb5

  • †Compared to image without selective color enhancement algorithm.

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