With over 50 years of science, engineering and a deep understanding of the complex demands of running a hospital, Medtronic solutions and services help reduce that complexity. We pride ourselves on being a brand you can trust. With our proven track record of quality products and services, you can feel reassured that Medtronic OR Essentials will help you to continue providing the very best patient care from the first mark to the last stitch.

From Hands Instruments & Ligation Devices to Wound Closure and Trocars & Access Instruments, we make sure your team have everything they need, whenever they need it, always Medtronic quality signature.


With lives at stake, we take our responsibility for quality very seriously. To us, that means:

  • Approaching quality holistically – not just with products, but in everything we do (see visual below)
  • Having comprehensive, closed-loop processes across the entire product lifecycle
  • Being proactive – to prevent and uncover issues early
  • Being collaborative – working with physicians who are closest to our products and processes
  • Being transparent – sharing our expectations and performance and with all our stakeholders, and raising awareness of potential issues early


Browse our products and make your own Operating Room Essentials.


Delivering efficiency and optimizing care.

Medtronic Procedural Kits support Healthcare Professionals become more efficient in managing daily duties while improving quality of patient care.

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