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Getting to the heart of your cardiovascular needs 

During cardiovascular surgery, such as coronary artery bypass grafting anastomoses and valve repair, the stakes are high. Suture selection can be critical for you and your patient. We provide solutions to these challenges.

Our range of cardiovascular sutures are known for their dependable performance and handling, and include:

  • Ti-Cron™ braided polyester sutures – our flagship brand in heart valve replacement
  • Surgipro™ II monofilament sutures – a global brand used for both cardiovascular and peripheral vascular procedures
  • Maxon™ CV monofilament absorbable sutures – when long-term, absorbable wound support is required
  • Vascufil™ monofilament sutures – advanced by our Polytribolate™coating technology, a fray-resistant material with a unique smoothness and strength; this advanced technology shows a 20% greater luminal opening versus polypropylene5

Meeting the demands of cardiovascular surgery

We also offer accessories to assist during cardiovascular wound closure procedures, including pledgets, steel sutures, bone wax and Flexon™ temporary cardiac pacing wires.

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