Perfusion options engineered to reduce trauma and impact for your CABG and valve surgery patients

Perfusion Devices and Blood Conservation

Rethinking Blood Conservation (RBC), an evidence-based educational program offered by Medtronic, works with you to devise strategies and tactics that can positively impact cardiac procedures, including MICS. Important aspects of RBC include use of a centrifugal pump incorporated into a minimized cardiopulmonary bypass circuit with a biocompatible coating, femoral arterial and venous cannulation using augmented venous return techniques, and a comprehensive blood conservation strategy.

Strategic and Multi-faceted Approach to Perfusion Innovation

We provide a multi-modality approach to blood conservation that incorporates reduced-prime and biocompatible extracorporeal circuits, autologous blood-cell salvaging, and hemostasis management. Through various product selection, techniques and procedures, findings from numerous studies have demonstrated the impact of these products and techniques on post-op complications rates and transfusion requirements.

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