Medtronic financial services

We’re striving to bring advanced medical technology to more people and places than ever before. To help drive that forward, we’re now offering customized financial solutions designed to make the capital acquisition process easier for you.

Benefits of using Medtronic financial services

Integrated process


We make acquiring your Medtronic equipment simple and easy by streamlining the entire process.

100% financing

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In addition to financing 100% of the equipment cost, we can also include service, maintenance, and insurance in the monthly payment.

Conservation of capital budget

Financing through us means critical funds are not tied up in equipment.


We will work with your team to customize a program that best fits your needs and budget.

Fixed payments

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Transparent and fixed monthly payments help you to better budget money for the term of the agreement while providing a hedge against inflation.

Technology refresh

Certain programs allow you the option to upgrade to newer Medtronic technologies at the end of the term, or at any point during the agreement.

What type of financial solutions do we offer?

Capital and operating leases
We offer both capital and operating leases with flexible terms based on you rindividual needs.

Fee per use
Match revenues to expenses by structuring a payment program based on the usage of the equipment.

Custom solutions
Let us customize a program that matches the unique requirements of your facility.

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