FY17 Integrated Performance Report Citizenship

Our Global Impact

Medtronic is leading the evolution of global healthcare with a transformative business strategy. Our approach combines meaningful innovation in therapies, products, and systems with value-based, cost-efficient healthcare models; and technologies and partnerships that open the door to quality care for more people around the world.

This strategy has produced significant results. More than 65 million people benefited from Medtronic technologies — two every seconds — as we helped our customers deliver more seamless, integrated care for patients across the healthcare continuum.

Learn more about our financial, social, and economic impact in the FY17 Integrated Performance Report. This annual report is organized primarily around our most material sustainability issues. These are global access to healthcare, product quality, product stewardship, responsible sourcing, and ethics in sales and marketing.

In FY2017, Medtronic:

  • Invested $2.2 billion in research and development, representing 7.4 percent of net sales
  • Launched Medtronic Labs, a new initiative designed to deliver financially sustainable businesses that expand access and reduce health inequality in emerging markets
  • Invested $139.7 million in capacity building and training for medical professionals and $22.6 million in patient education
  • Donated $101.8 million to charitable causes through corporate cash contributions, giving through the Medtronic Foundation, product donations, and employee volunteering
  • Invested more than $76 million in employee training and development programs
  • Reached early achievement of four of our 2020 Environmental Performance Goals, including reductions in energy, emissions, waste, and water

Read the FY17 Integrated Performance Report for a transparent overview of our social and environmental impact.