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From consistent, reliable, trusted vessel sealing to decades of experience surgical stapling, we offer unmatched clinical and economic value through our range of market-leading brands.

Our trusted technologies deliver performance and inspire confidence through a comprehensive approach that takes every element of patient's health into careful consideration.

Mechanical Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal & Fluid Management

Diagnose and treat intrauterine pathologies using a gentle mechanical resection.

TruClear™ hysteroscopic tissue removal system

The TruClear™ system offers a complete technology platform for the removal of a range of intrauterine pathologies.

TruClear™ hysteroscope sets

TruClear™ hysteroscope sets optimize fluid flow and visualization when used with the TruClear™ tissue removal system. The 100% continuous flow enables controlled, precise and thorough procedures.

HysteroLux™ fluid management system

The HysteroLux™ system offers procedural flexibility, enhanced safety*, and optimized uterine distension.*

Robotic Assisted Surgery

Modular robotic system that includes visualization and instrumentation.

Hugo™ RAS system

The Hugo™ RAS system was designed with surgeons around the world to make more possible in robotic-assisted surgery.

Vessel Sealing & Dissection

Cutting, sealing and dissection for open, laparoscopic and vaginal hysterectomy, myomectomy, adnexectomy, lymphadenectomy, omentectomy and adhesiolysis.

LigaSure™ Maryland jaw open and laparoscopic sealer/divider with nano-coating technology

Nonstick nano-coating enhances the performance of the LigaSure™ Maryland jaw device.1 Now you can grasp, cut, dissect, and reliably seal tissue and vessels2— with fewer interruptions from eschar buildup3,†, sticking4,‡ , and jaw cleanings3,§. So patients experience more efficient procedures.3,§

Sonicision™ curved jaw

Cordless ultrasonic vessel sealing and dissection — now with a tapered, curved jaw and streamlined cleaning and sterilization

Surgical Stapling

Anastomosis for colorectal resection and disc excission of endometrial lesions.

Signia™️ stapling system

Combines powered rotation, articulation and firing in a true one-handed design. Automatically adjusts firing speed to optimise Tri-Staple™️ technology for most consistent results. Displays real-time feedback about the forces on clamp and fire to support surgical decision making.

EEA™ circular stapler with Tri-Staple™ technology

Circular stapling now comes with Tri-Staple™ technology. That means greater leak protection5,††,‡‡ and greater perfusion allowed into the staple line.6,§§,ΩΩ

Hemostasis & Wound Closure

Hemostatic patches for immediate stop of bleeding and barbed sutures for c-section, vaginal cuff closure, myomectomy and sacrocolpopexy.

Veriset™ patch

The Veriset™ patch is designed to address the unmet need for a simple to use, fast and highly effective hemostatic patch. It works in ~1 minute.7,†††

V-Loc™ wound closure

V-Loc™ wound closure device is an innovative technology that closes wounds securely without the need to tie knots.8,‡‡‡

Trocars & Access

Trocars for laparoscopic access.

VersaOne™ access system

Introducing the VersaOne™ access system, a universal trocar platform that gives you the performance, choice, and peace of mind in one complete solution.

VersaOne™ fascial closure system

The VersaOne™ fascial closure system is a novel all-in-one device that serves as a trocar and fascial closure device to deliver consistent port site closure and suture placement.9


* Compared to our legacy hysteroscopic fluid management system.

† Eschar buildup assessed using optical imaging analysis after 60 seal and divide cycles.

‡ Instances of tissue sticking to jaws measured over 110 seals per device.

§ Cleaning effectiveness assessed after each of two cleaning cycles.

Ω Compared to the first-generation Sonicision™ system.

†† Benchtop test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.

‡‡ Benchtop testing in porcine tissue ≤ 30 mm Hg (26 mm Hg average pressure experienced during intraoperative leak test), comparing TRIEEA31XT to Ethicon™* CDH29A (n = 20; P = 0.009).

§§ Compared to EEA™ circular staplers with DST Series™ technology.

ΩΩ Preclinical results may not correlate with clinical performance in humans.

††† Based on surgeon/customer validation. In several clinical investigations, the median times to hemostasis were within 1 - 1.5 minutes

‡‡‡ Animal data may not correlate with human clinical outcomes.


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