Release Agreement

By registering for the Medtronic Physician Finder Program (the 'Program'), you grant to Medtronic, Inc., its subsidiaries, successors, assigns, employees and agents of Medtronic (“Medtronic”) the right to publicly disclose and provide your name (and the name of your institution, if applicable) to patients who want to connect to a physician to determine if a neurological, spinal, or orthopaedic product or therapy is appropriate for them.

Criteria Policy

Medtronic uses several criteria to determine if a physician may be included in the Program. Medtronic reserves the right to exclude a physician from the Program or remove a physician from the Program for any reason, as determined solely by Medtronic, and without notice, including if a physician fails to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Physician meets knowledge, understanding, and experience requirements and maintains proficiency with Medtronic products and therapies;
  • Physician is actively following/managing patients with a neurological, spinal, or orthopaedic product or therapy in the Program;
  • Physician is willing to take on new patients;
  • Physician address is current;
  • Physician is practicing in the United States;
  • Physician meets Medtronic’s standard for complication rate, infection rate or other indicators of surgical techniques, surgical skills, or programming capabilities;
  • Physician meets Medtronic’s standard for patient bedside manner and/or patient management skills;
  • If applicable, Center where Physician practices meets current regulatory requirements for HDE therapies (DBS Therapy for Dystonia or OCD, or Gastric Electrical Stimulation).

You (and your institution, if applicable) also release Medtronic from any and all liability that may arise from the rights granted in this Release Agreement. This Release Agreement shall benefit Medtronic and all companies legally acting on its behalf. You also agree that Medtronic may contact you by mail or by email with further information on Medtronic products and therapies.