Hypertension education for your patients

Download tools designed to help you educate your patients about the prevalence of hypertension and the associated health risks.  

Drive awareness of hypertension.

Help patients understand the prevalence and health risks of hypertension. Download ready-made resources below to promote awareness and engage patients in conversations about hypertension.

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In-office resources for patient education

Print materials

Connect with your local Medtronic representative to request high-quality print copies of these resources.

pdf Download poster (.pdf)

Share the facts about high blood pressure.


pdf Download infographic (.pdf)

Share the facts about high blood pressure.


pdf Download brochure (.pdf)

Help patients understand high blood pressure.


Outreach templates for patient awareness

Customizable resources for patient awareness

Browse the Symplicity™ patient website.

Share this website with your patients and download Symplicity™ blood pressure procedure resources that you can use to support patient conversations.

View our PR toolkit.

Use the resources within this toolkit to announce the availability of the Symplicity™ procedure at your institution.

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