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CardioInsight Mapping Vest


The CardioInsight™ Mapping Vest is a single-use, disposable multi-electrode vest that gathers cardiac electrophysiological data from the body surface. The CardioInsight™ Noninvasive 3D Mapping System combines these signals with CT scan data to produce and display simultaneous, bi-atrial and biventricular, 3-D cardiac maps.

Product Details

The CardioInsight Mapping Vest and the CardioInsight Workstation function together as the CardioInsight Noninvasive 3D Mapping System.

The vest includes:

  • 3 panels: front left, front right, and back
  • 252 electrodes
  • Connectors to the CardioInsight Workstation 

Vest Application Instructional Video

For full instructions for use, refer to the vest technical manual.

ecvue-senorFront Panels (left and right)

ecvue-senorBack Panel

Model Specifications

Vest Specifications

Recommended Size

The vest comes in four sizes: 1, 2 ,3,  and 4. Refer to Size Selection and Application Reference Guide for information on vest sizing.


Vest Panels


252 Electrodes

Silver/Silver Chloride (AG/AGCl)


7% K-Cl Conductive Gel

Insulation Layer



Polycarbonate/ABS blend

The CardioInsight Mapping Vest is supplied non-sterile and packaged individually. It is a single use device.