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Patients inspire us to innovate in new ways every day. We're putting the best minds to work across the globe — anticipating needs and validating approaches in the relentless pursuit of better healthcare for all. The stories below are a few of our latest innovations in pursuit of providing better outcomes for patients.


Preserve their future

Successful management of non-resectable liver tumors is about more than what you remove — it’s about what you leave behind, too.1,2

Joseph Brannan, inventor of Thermosphere™ technology and the principal developer of the Emprint™ ablation system, gives us a close look at the science behind our latest percutaneous ablation system.

The revolution and evolution of
PillCam™ capsule endoscopy.

Watch Professor Cristiano Spada, director of digestive endoscopy and gastroenterology at Fondazoine Poliambulanza Hospital, talk about the impact of PillCam™ capsule endoscopy. The revolution began when PillCam™ small bowel was first released 20 years ago. It evolved with the innovations like PillCam™ crohn’s and PillCam™ colon. And, in an ever-changing healthcare landscape, this is only the beginning.

GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module
Detect the undetected

Enhance your ability to detect colorectal polyps with artificial intelligence (AI)3
The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module offers a transformative solution - to help physicians detect potentially precancerous lesions.3 By harnessing deep learning algorithms and real-time data, we empower physicians to detect colorectal polyps through enhanced visualization.3

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