Epsila EV MRI SureScan
defibrillation lead

The Medtronic Epsila EV MRI SureScan defibrillation lead is an MR-conditional lead approved for use when an extravascular implantable cardioverter defibrillator is indicated to treat tachycardia.


Extravascular quadripolar lead with shaped passive fixation, designed for sensing, cardioversion, defibrillation, and pacing therapies.

Product features

Epsila EV defibrillation lead key features

The epsilon-shaped distal section is intended to optimize the electrodes’ locations relative to the heart and the device.

  1. Defibrillation coils positioned toward the patient’s right side for a wider defibrillation vector between the coils and the device
  2. Pacing/sensing ring electrodes positioned toward the patient’s left side so they are closer to the heart
Epsila EV MRI SureScan defibrillation lead with numbered callouts

Curvature intended to help stabilize the lead in the mediastinal tissue

Four electrodes, consisting of two coils and two rings, to support three different pacing vector options and three sensing vector options

Isodiametric 8.7 Fr lead body and four conductor cables extending to the distal tip of the lead to provide high tensile strength for extractability

  • Chronic lead extraction was prospectively studied in sheep. Chronic removal of 19 leads from the substernal space was successfully performed between one and three years postimplant using traction and simple tools.1

Product information


MR Conditional*

MRI SureScan™



Physical characteristics




Anterior mediastinum


Shaped passive fixation

Connector type


   Length (distal end to proximal end)

24.3 mm


3.2 mm




MP35N (silver cored) composite cables


Polyurethane, ETFE



   Ring electrodes (pace, sense)

Titanium nitride coated platinum iridium

   Coil electrodes (defibrillation)

Platinum iridium, tantalum

   Connector pin


Conductor resistances


   Pacing (unipolar)

1.5 Ω (52 cm, 63 cm) (max)


1.5 Ω (52 cm, 63 cm) (max)

Electrodes surface areas


   Coil 1 and Coil 2

281 mm2 each

   Ring 1 and Ring 2

23.8 mm2 each



   Lead body

2.9 mm (8.7 Fr)


3.0 mm

Lead introducer (recommend size)

3.0 mm (9.0 Fr)

Respective electrodes distances

Coil 1 to Ring 1

4.3 mm

Ring 1 to Coil 2

4.3 mm

Coil 2 to Ring 2

5.0 mm

Pacing vectors

Cathode (-)

Anode (+)

Ring 1

Ring 2

Ring 1

Coil 2

Coil 2

Coil 1

Ordering information  



Model number

Epsila EV™ MRI SureScan

Extravascular quadripolar lead with shaped passive fixation

EV2401 – 52 cm

EV2401 – 63 cm

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Refer to the MRI Technical manual for complete MR conditions for use.



Thompson AE, Marshall M, Lentz L, Mazzetti H. Three-Year Extraction Experience of a Novel Substernal Extravascular Defibrillation Lead in Sheep. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. March 2022;45(3):314–322.